• Luxurious Canadian Pad for Sale

    Luxurious Canadian Pad for Sale

    Voted the fourth most liveable city in the world in 2012, Toronto is fast becoming a popular relocation spot for adventurous Brits seeking fun and enjoyment in Canada.  Read more

  • Get the London Look

    Get the London Look

    There are several highly sought after areas in London and this Chelsea property offers both the magnificent location and exquisite property to interest even the most picky of buyers. Read more

  • Laser Hair Removal – The London Clinic

    Laser Hair Removal – The London Clinic

    Thinking about Laser Hair Removal but can’t decide on the clinic for you? It can be a difficult decision as there’s a lot of places out there saying their clinic offers the best treatments. At Stacey Avenue we’ve discussed this and came to the conclusion that if you’re in the London area a great clinic is the Harley Medical Group.

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  • Pricy Paris Chateau

    Pricy Paris Chateau

    Paris is a city that is simply amazing; known for its chic style and beautiful architecture, it is also famed as the city of romance. Nowadays it also boasts one of the world’s most expensive homes! Read on to find out more. Read more

  • British Apartments

    British Apartments

    The UK has an abundance of new style apartments to choose from. For families, business types and students, there is something for everyone. Let’s look and see what the type of apartments are available up and down the country.

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